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I’m a degreed scientist, experienced technical writer, and sharp editor. STEM communication is both my passion and vocation; I even wrote about it in a Guest Editorial for Metallography, Microstructure, and Analysis:

Science communication needs to be more than just the technical details, more than appendices full of raw data, and even more than a gallery of pretty pictures. I love microstructures as much as anyone… but I love their explanations and context better.

Abraham, G. Metallogr. Microstruct. Anal. (2020). https://doi.org/10.1007/s13632-020-00613-w

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The Importance of Science Communication

How can I write, edit, or review to make STEM communication easier for you?

I’m a writer and editor with a background in materials science, having authored numerous reports, technical notes, articles, manuals, and presentations in the field. An experienced content developer for complex STEM topics, I am also an editor or reviewer for three peer-reviewed scientific journals, a contributor to two O’Reilly design books, and editor three small business blogs.

I developed and taught materials science seminars for more than ten years and I enjoy mentoring emerging professionals in science/engineering and technical writing. Also appreciative of the art of science, I’ve been known to get lost in microscopes exploring the beauty of materials and their unique microstructures.

Duplex stainless steel weld, 100x objective, brightfield. Image courtesy of Allied High Tech Products, Inc.

How can I write, edit, or review to make STEM communication easier for you?

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