What Do Editors Do?

What does an editor do? Contact Gee Abraham, science and technical writer and editor. Communicating content clearly by adding context and reducing jargon.

What do editors do? Proofreading, right?

😮 That really depends on which editor you are asking! Knowing the different types of editors will help you figure out the best assistance for your latest project.

So, what do editors do?

🔮 Developmental/substantive editing: This is the big picture work that takes your work from an initial concept to thoughtfully presented content. This includes re-structuring, re-writing, integrating research, and adding/removing entire topics.

🔬 Technical/fact reviewing: Reviewers will fact-check, provide context for topics, and ensure mathematical/scientific formulas, concepts, and connections make sense.

📍 Copy editing & proofreading: Even though these are the more “obvious” types of editing, they still deserve an explanation! Proofreaders will check details like spelling, grammar, and punctuation. They work the most with style guides.

⚡ Then there are acquisition editors, content/line editors, indexers, assignment editors, curators, and others as well. Curious about these? They may be the subjects of a future post!

If you are looking for a professional editor to help with your scientific articles, blog posts, and other publications, you can use my contact form to start that conversation.

Published by Gee Abraham

Gee is a writer and editor with a background in materials science, having authored numerous reports, technical notes, articles, manuals, and presentations in the field. An experienced content developer for complex STEM topics, Gee is also an editor or reviewer for three peer-reviewed scientific journals, a contributor to two O'Reilly design books, and editor of three small business blogs.

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