What Do Editors Do?

What do editors do? This blog post outlines developmental editing, fact checking, copy editing, and proofreading. Contact Gee Abraham, science and technical writer and editor. Communicating content clearly by adding context and reducing jargon.

New Finding Confirms Super Rapid Forming of Earth

Traditional theories held that the Earth’s core and mantle formed over tens of millions of years due to gradual, random collisions between large bodies. New research supports a rapid-accretion model for Earth, which means that this pivotal formation stage lasted only about five million years instead.

Hydrogen Storage Capacity of Mischmetal Boosted with New Alloy Development

Scientists have increased the hydrogen capacity of mischmetal (German: mischmetall “mixed metal”) to 2.1 wt% with the development of a new lanthanum-nickel based alloy. It was manufactured using a process of arc melting followed by ball milling, inducing a nanostructure that fostered more efficient reactions than similar rare-earth alloys. While this material currently lags behindContinue reading “Hydrogen Storage Capacity of Mischmetal Boosted with New Alloy Development”